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How to Sell Your Home

What do buyers look for?

Selling a home can feel like a long and complex process, but there are certain steps you can follow to make it as smooth as possible.

Find out how much your home is worth
Get your property valued! We offer free, no obligation valuations. We use our knowledge of the local market and many years of experience to give you an accurate price, which will start your sale off on the right foot. Online valuation tools won't be as accurate as an experienced agent who will not only use their knowledge and expertise, but who will thoroughly get to know your property before working out its true value.

Decide whether to use an estate agent
The majority of vendors use an agency to sell their home, and for good reason - we bring properties on to the market with an impressive array of professional marketing material which attracts interest and most importantly - buyers! In the current market, there are now other methods of selling (DIY) which entices vendors with NO agent fees. However, be warned, you do get what you pay for - in this instance, nothing! Those choosing the DIY method will as the name suggests, have to do all the work themselves, which, if you're not completely confident in everything that's involved in process of selling property from start to finish, could end up costing you far more money, time and unwanted complications and stress in the long run.

Prepare your home
Of course, make sure your home looks its best for any viewings. Tidy any mess and clear unwanted clutter to maximise space. If you have time, you may wish to try to make the decoration as neutral as possible to attract buyers, and make any minor repairs such as fixing leaking taps. Also have all your household bills on hand for prospective buyers to view.

Wait for offers
We get in touch with vendors as soon as an offer has been made on the property – we tell you about every offer that is made, regardless of whether you are likely to accept it. We will also be able to advise you whether it is a good offer, but the final decision is ultimately up to the vendor.

Accept an offer
When you are happy with an offer you can accept it “sold subject to survey and contract (SSTC)”. We will then write to you, the buyer and both sets of solicitors to confirm the property sale, and request that the solicitors draw up a draft contract. At this point, you do not legally have to take the property off the market, but your buyer may ask you to do so.

Instruct a solicitor
You need to appoint a solicitor or conveyancer who will do the legal work involved in the sale. They will, for example, release details of the deeds to your buyer’s solicitors and draw up a contract of sale. We can advise you on solicitors and/or conveyancers should you want recommendation.

Be prepared to let the buyer’s surveyor into your home
This will usually happen a few days after the offer has been made and will be organised through us. We will let you know when the surveyor is coming round, and will be able to hand over the keys so you don’t have to be in if it is an inconvenient time for you.

Renegotiate the price if necessary
If the buyer’s survey reveals lots of work that needs doing on the property, the buyer may want to renegotiate the offer. This will be done through your solicitors. Be realistic when discussing the price – if you know work needs doing it might be fair to reduce the price accordingly. Ask your buyer to show you quotes for the work needed from at least two contractors and consider whether you could carry out the repairs yourself. If, however, you cannot reach a compromise with the buyer, you are within your rights to pull out of the sale.

Exchange contracts and decide on a completion date
This is when you become legally committed to the sale. You need to sign the contract and your solicitor will do the rest. At this point the buyer should pay the deposit to your solicitor.

Organise your move
You will have to move out of the property on the day the sale completes, so it’s time to book a removal van and start packing! Again, we are happy to recommend companies to help with this.

This is where you hand over the keys and say a final farewell to your old home, you have successfully sold your property!


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