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Hello and welcome to our very first Blog

Why should you read this, you may well be asking yourself. Well… good question! What we hope to provide is an amusing insight in to the “fascinating” world of an estate agent in Woodbridge, an irreverent take on the pitfalls of moving home and (hopefully!) a bit of sound advice along the way. We decided on the title of View From The Corner for two reasons… First, clearly, it ties in with our name and our office position on Market Hill. Secondly, we feel it important to have a wide angled view on the issues that we encounter both personally and professionally so as to be able to take a sensible approach and advise our clients accordingly.

I know that people feel there are a lot of estate agents in Woodbridge. Believe me, I know. When we were renovating the office and passers by were asking “What’s it going to be?”, I said “An exciting new estate agents!” in my most enthusiastic manner. The look of disappointment that the news was greeted with was one that I’d have expected if I’d said a PPI call centre or a false accident claims department. Unperturbed we pushed on and, gradually, people peeking in started to congratulate us on the look of the space we’d created and recognised we are trying to be a bit different to the traditional high street estate agent. No intimidating banks of desks with over-familiar agents ready to pounce and be your new BFF until you do, (or don’t), buy a house or arrange a mortgage appointment with the best mortgage advisor they’ve ever worked with! You’ll be greeted here with a comfy seat, a coffee and a chat about your move.

So what are we all about? Well, the reason Cornerstone Residential is here is to satisfy a gap in the market we felt existed; a professional, friendly agency that embraces new technology and marketing methods but has integrity and the clients’ best interests truly at the centre of their ethos, all at as reasonable a cost as we can offer to save our clients some money. If we give advice you should know that it is honest and realistic. We don’t do pushy or aggressive sales tactics or tricks, and we’re not an exclusive club. Everyone, no matter what price bracket you’re selling in or looking to buy, should have access to expert advice and be treated accordingly. We treat people how we like to be treated. If you’d like to be part of it too then get in touch. If not, good luck to you. We’ll be here should you need us. If no one needs us as estate agents we’ll speak to you soon about the accident you had a couple of years ago…

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